National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week 2016

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More than 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year And despite all of the advances in research and medicine over the past few decades, the rate of survival for young adults hasn’t improved nearly as much as for other age groups. Why aren’t we talking more about this? At The Samfund, we ask the same question all the time.

April 4th-8th is National Young Adult Cancer Awareness week– one week out of the year where the cancer community shines a light on young adult cancer and showcases the unique challenges that young adults with cancer face. It’s a week to raise awareness, advocate for ourselves, provide resources and support, and feel empowered.

This week we will be sharing stories from five young adult survivors to highlight some of the challenges many young adults with cancer face: from survivorship issues, to emotional hardship, to financial ruin (and lots in between). Though these are just five of many, many stories, they provide insight into some of the most common experiences of young adult cancer. It is our hope that through these stories, you will find hope, new ideas, and helpful resources.

These stories are a glance inside the young adult cancer community, and a call to action. A call to raise awareness. Show your support by sharing their stories. Start a conversation. Make sure the young adults in your life are taking care of themselves. Volunteer. Donate.

We need your voice for earlier detection. We need your voice to achieve greater recognition of the needs of young adults. We hope you will join us in keeping these conversations going during National Young Adult Cancer Awareness week — and long afterwards.

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