Stutzel Memorial Award Grant Recipients

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We are happy to share with you an update from this year’s Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award grant recipients.

Dr. and Mrs. Stutzel understood the implications of a cancer diagnosis, with Mrs. Stutzel facing cancer as a young adult in her early 30s and Dr. Stutzel being diagnosed in 2013. After Mrs. Stutzel’s passing in 2010, Dr. Stutzel was committed to honoring her memory by establishing a grant in her name so that her legacy could live on through its recipients. After his passing in August of 2013, we created this award and are honored to have the opportunity to honor them both. We first awarded the grant in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Stutzel in 2013 and are grateful to all who have helped us establish this award. We are proud to share with you Elizabeth and Kalin, this year’s recipients.

Elizabeth O.

Elizabeth Oddy“I am honored to be a recipient of the 2015 Stutzel Memorial Award. To be included alongside such an admirable couple inspires me to continue dedicating my life to education and community, just as they did and still are through this memorial award. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 27, shortly after returning home from several years in Uganda, East Africa where I served as an Education Volunteer with the United States Peace Corps. During my service, I was placed on a small academic campus between two rural villages surrounded by banana trees, jungle, and the sound of drum circles at night. I can see Dr. Stutzel’s dental skills and Mrs. Stuzel’s talent for teaching being a blessing somewhere like this as well. In this region, most have never been to a dentist but somehow manage, as they do.

I am glad I was surrounded by these beautiful souls for so many years; it gave me the strength I would need for what would soon become an even more difficult challenge for me to face than living in Uganda had been. Cancer. No friends who could relate to this disease or tell me what it was like, no one who could quite understand. I suddenly felt like a foreigner though I was back in New York where I grew up. Thankfully, I made it through. And now, thanks to this award through The Samfund, I will now have a brief respite from the weight of just scraping by and can focus on becoming whole again so, like they did, I can dedicate myself to education and community once again. I hope I will make them proud. “
 Kalin D.
IMG_4836“The Samfund has enabled me to take the next steps in furthering my profession and education. After being set back and in quite a hole both professionally and financially due to the side effects and costs of my medical treatments, my grant from The Samfund has given me the opportunity to get back in the game and begin to move forward again.”


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