The Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award

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Over the past several years, we have proudly established two permanent named grants: the Jeremy Hill Memorial Award and the Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award. Both will be awarded in perpetuity in memory of Jeremy and the Stutzels. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you the amazing stories of the young adult survivors who have received these awards and what they’re up to now.

The Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award

Mrs. Stutzel was a beloved teacher for her entire career in the New York City public school system and much adored by her husband, who called her “the greatest teacher in the world.” Dr. Stutzel was a practicing orthodontist and professor at the NYU Dental School. Both were very committed to education and community.

Dr. and Mrs. Stutzel understood the implications of a cancer diagnosis, with Mrs. Stutzel facing cancer as a young adult in her early 30s and Dr. Stutzel being diagnosed in 2013. After Mrs. Stutzel’s passing in 2010, Dr. Stutzel was committed to honoring her memory by establishing a grant in her name so that her legacy could live on through its recipients. He felt strongly that The SAMFund is doing important work in helping young adults who need financial assistance. After his passing in August of 2013, we created this award and are honored to have the opportunity to honor them both.

We first awarded the grant in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Stutzel in 2013 to SAMFund alums Jessica and Tokoya. In 2014, the recipient of the Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award was Laura G, a survivor of ovarian cancer who is a teacher in Oklahoma. Here’s what she writes:

Laura Gallegly

“I feel so honored to be the recipient of this year’s Stutzel grant! I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 26 and have battled the disease twice over the past 5 years. My husband and I have been more than ready to put this behind us and start a family, but the costs associated with infertility are overwhelming, especially on top of all the medical expenses that we continue to bear. Last summer, we decided to go ahead and start the adoption process, and I am so excited to announce that we were recently matched with a baby boy! He is due any day now, and we are waiting on pins and needles for the call to go meet him at the hospital. We are so thankful to The SAMFund and the Stutzel family for helping us move past the cancer and begin our life with our new baby boy. This assistance has made all the difference!”

We’re so excited for Laura and her husband and hope to hear great news from them soon!

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