Announcing the first-ever recipients of The Jeremy Hill Memorial Award

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We are proud to have established a permanent named grant in memory of one of our longtime supporters and friends, Jeremy Hill. A beloved SAMFund Board member who passed away in 2012 after a prolonged battle with melanoma, Jeremy was a person of quiet but great generosity.

Though Jeremy’s tenure on the Board of Trustees began in 2010, he had been steadily involved with The SAMFund as a donor and volunteer since 2007. He was also a member of the New York University Langone Medical Center’s NYUCI Advisory Board, extending his dedication to giving back as much as he could wherever possible.

We are proud to honor these four amazing young adults with this year’s Jeremy Hill Memorial Award:

Annie B.
Survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

“In OAnnieBctober of 2012, I was uprooted from NYC while pursuing my dream to be on Broadway. Living expenses were high and all that I earned was spent on basic needs such as rent, subway, food, etc. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I literally spent the last of my money on a plane ticket home to Boise, Idaho. I’m trying to move past my cancer experience with grace and determination. I’m prideful and hard-working, but six months of costly hospital visits, fertility appointments and egg freezing, put me into a tough financial position. I am grateful that as a recipient of The Jeremy Hill Memorial Award, I can move forward past this cancer experience and have a new start to a healthy life!”

Crystal B.
Survivor of Melanoma

“I havCrystal Ruth Belle recently had the sobering experience of revisiting cancer that I thought I had gotten rid of. Now that I am rid of this second round of cancer I want to make every effort to strengthen my mind and body to resist future recurrence. Being proactive about a healthy lifestyle and investing in integrative medicine is my best strategy to preventing recurrence. The SAMFund’s Jeremy Hill Memorial Award enables me to invest in moving forward with this goal. I’m hoping next year to have continued to gain the skills I need to move up in my current company, increase my salary, and be able to sustain this healthy routine myself. And, of course, eventually give back to The SAMFund what was generously given to me!”

Matt L.
Survivor of Ewing’s Sarcoma

“My dMatt Lapaireiagnosis came out of nowhere. I was overwhelmed at first and luckily had enough savings to cover the initial costs. Then I turned 26 in November, and was forced to start paying for COBRA health coverage. This new cost, while meeting deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, plus living expenses, depleted my funds. To see my hard work’s reward come to zero was the monster financial challenge in a sea of challenges last year.  Still, I have to be thankful more than anything else: I’m healthy. And I’m back on track with my professional goals, working in a school in a part of the country that is new and exciting to me. I finished treatment in May and by all accounts I am cancer-free. I’m forever grateful to be a recipient of The Jeremy Hill Memorial Award. Money can’t buy peace but I’ve found that a sigh of relief about one concern often carries over to all concerns.”

Taylor S.
Survivor of Thyroid Cancer

“I am hTayler Schwartzonored and beyond thrilled to receive a grant in the name of such a dedicated, driven, and compassionate individual. For the rest of my career and life, I will make it my goal to continue Mr. Hill’s legacy of helping people who are coping with illness and hardship. I am inspired and propelled by the work of Mr. Hill and The SAMFund, and I’ll never forget what you both have done for me. Thank you again to the entire SAMFund family!”

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