The SAMFund 2013 Grants Cycle is Open!

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Cancer is expensive

We’re proud to announce that The SAMFund 2013 grants cycle is now open!
Applicants will have until July 19th, 2013 at 5pm EST to complete Part I.

We’re just as excited to announce that a Spanish version of the application is available, along with translated Frequently Asked Questions and Categories of Funding documents. Simply select “switch to Spanish” — or “Cambie al espanol” upon accessing the application. We’ve also expanded our age range this year to 17-39 (next year, all eligible applicants must be between 21 and 39.) We hope this will expand the accessibility of our grants program to enable a wider group of young adults to not only survive, but truly move forward.

Most people don’t realize that cancer not only wreaks havoc on your body, but also on your savings account. This is the reason why The SAMFund was created back in 2003. We all know how hard it is to find a job, secure (and pay for) health insurance and live on our own in this economy. For young adult survivors the challenge is even greater because the bill collectors/landlords/schools don’t care that you have no money left, you are too old to be on your parents’ insurance and you’re dealing with the aftereffects of treatment, too. Grants are the heart of what we provide for a population that is often lost between pediatric and older adult cancer communities. It is our hope to provide a bit of relief right now so that young adult survivors can catch their breath and finally begin to move forward.SAMFund_10_small

It is particularly special to open the grants cycle this year in this, our 10th anniversary year. Our ability to award grants depends directly on our fundraising efforts, and we cannot thank The SAMFund community enough for all the hard work put into our recent (and upcoming!) nationwide celebrations. As our alumni start their virtual 10 year celebration online and we finish the last of our in-person celebrations at Blue Ginger in Wellesley and Stand Up NY in New York City, we look forward to awarding our MILLIONTH dollar this November. The more we raise between now and June 30, the more we will be able to give out in grants.

10 years strong is a milestone that we all can be proud of.

Please take a moment to read about how much grants mean to our SAMFund family of alumni:

[pullquote2 align=”center” textColor=”#772299″]My SAMFund grant propelled me forward into the independent life that I am living now. The SAMFund empowered me to live my own life and stand on my own two feet. Even after cancer, I felt so strong! Kate H.[/pullquote2]

[pullquote2 align=”center” textColor=”#772299″]I am grateful and proud to be a cancer survivor and SAMFund alumni. Receiving a grant last year really brightened the holidays around my house! It helped relieve my stress for a couple months, step back and apply for a job, and get it! Stephanie I.[/pullquote2]

[pullquote2 align=”center” textColor=”#772299″]I have received two grants from the SAMFund and they have been incredibly helpful in paying off my residual medical debt.  I was able to pay off one bill entirely and cut another in half.  The SAMFund grants have taken my medical debt from an overwhelming obstacle to a manageable bill. Stacy S. [/pullquote2]

Independence is a word we hear often from our grant recipients when we ask them to describe what a SAMFund grant “feels” like. The ability to work toward regaining one’s independence is so important to the young adults we serve. Usually followed by adjectives like “relief,” “gratitude,” and “life-changing,” it is so exciting for SAMFund friends and supporters to know the effect of  a grant.

To everyone reading this, thanks for being part of The SAMFund throughout the year. Today is your day to shine — and we hope you’re as proud to be part of it as we are grateful to have you.









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