The SAMFund is Turning 10!

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Spring is here and so is The SAMFund’s tenth anniversary! Ten years ago, Sam had an idea that young adult (YA) survivors of cancer needed somewhere to turn when the financial impact of cancer made it impossible to move forward, even with cancer treatment behind them. As a two- time cancer survivor herself, she understood the feeling of wanting to return to a “normal” young adult life and the frustration of realizing that that was impossible. Perspectives and priorities change, relationships change, and about a million other things change after having gone through cancer treatment. And she started to meet other YAs for whom finances had drastically changed, too.

She met YAs dragging around insurmountable medical debt, facing fears of homelessness, refusing to accept infertility as final (but having to face the financial reality of IVF, adoption and other processes), and strategizing to re-enter the workforce. These and other struggles made survivorship feel debilitating, as if despite their best efforts, they were stuck. Raising funds to help young adults pay their bills and keep moving forward seemed like a no-brainer. And so, The SAMFund was born in the Spring of 2003.

Due in part to the overwhelming need and the lack of this specific type of support, The SAMFund grew quickly and awarded its first 18 grants, totaling $60,000, in 2005. Eight years and 424 recipients later, we are now preparing to award our millionth dollar in Fall 2014! It is an exciting year, full of celebrations with SAMFund donors old and new, YA alumni, and community partners that believed in The SAMFund mission from the beginning and continues to support our growth.

You are the reason why The SAMFund was created,

and you are the reason why we’re still here.

So — we want to celebrate YOU!

We’ve got coast-to-coast events in the works for Spring and Fall, many that are a direct result of having an Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) determined to pay it forward to the future grant recipients. The transformation over 10 years, from having The SAMFund serve a community to that same community leading the service itself, is awe-inspiring. We are extremely proud of our entire SAMFund family. As Sam noted in 2010, “…it’s now about a much larger community of passionate, motivated young adults trying to find their way through this crazy experience called survivorship.” Together.

Some dates are available now and some are TBD — we hope you can join us at one or more of them. We’ll be sending out updates on a regular basis, but for now please save these dates:

We also have events coming up in NYC, a cocktail party in Boston, and a couple more blowout celebrations in the Fall just for good measure.  We’re not missing the opportunity to celebrate this milestone in a huge way and we hope you won’t either!


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