Meet Our Board: Morley Goldberg

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We’re so fortunate to have Morley on the Board of The SAMFund. As one of our longest-standing members, he has a good understanding of our history and a strong vision for our future. He always comes to meetings with new ideas, new contacts and new plans for how to grow and strengthen The SAMFund.

Here’s why he is part of The SAMFund family:

How long have you served on the Board?

I have been on The SAMFund Board for six years.

What attracted you to The SAMFund?

My best friend Barry Seigerman, who has been on the Board since the inception of The SAMFund, had been telling me about all of the great things it was doing for young adult cancer survivors.  At the time, I was personally involved with a young man who had cancer and saw all of the obstacles he faced in trying to get back to the life he had before the cancer.  When Barry asked me to join the board it gave me the chance to be more proactive in helping other young adult survivors.

What does your background bring to your role?

My background is in finance and marketing.  I own and run an investment advisory firm.  My contributions in these areas bring a dimension of thoughts and ideas on how to grow The SAMFund so we can help more young adults.

What are the biggest challenges you see facing young adult survivors today?

I believe the biggest challenge facing young adult survivors is recovering the time and finances lost fighting their disease. At that stage of life, a young adult has little financial resources to apply to unforeseen, not to mention critical, situations. At the juncture of a childhood past and an adult future, the ability to fight a battle as large as cancer is one that takes an enormous amount of determination, inner resolve, and unfortunately, money. As The SAMFund reminds us, cancer doesn’t care if you have bills to pay, schoolwork to complete, or a job to do.

How is The SAMFund growing to address these challenges and what makes you excited to be a part of it?

The SAMFund is growing to address these needs by funding more young adult survivors for graduate or vocational programs, supplementing goals to start families after cancer, and providing educational Webinars on how to re-enter the professional world after cancer treatment. While young adults cannot recover the time lost during treatment, they can make up for lost years with assistance, support, and self-empowerment.  Financial help from The SAMFund can help them with their goals, providing a “jump-start” to help young adult survivors be able to say, “That was then, this is NOW!” What makes me excited to be part of The SAMFund is to be able to live the saying,  “It is better to give than to receive.” It makes me feel good that I am part of an organization that is able to help young adult survivors make a fresh start.

What impact do you think The SAMFund has in the cancer community?

The SAMFund continues to have a tremendous impact in the cancer community because we are serving a group that has been overlooked in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Although our total dollar contribution can be considered small relative to the total need, the individual impact on those we help is profound.  As we continue to grow our fundraising strategies and cross our 10-year milestone this Spring, I have no doubt that we can expand the help we provide to the young adult survivor community.


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