The 2013 YA Impact:
“I Feel Like I Hit the Jackpot!”

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Each year, we highlight our grant recipients by sharing their stories in our e-newsletter (click here for an archive), updating our Meet Our Grant Recipients web page, and posting Facebook updates on our Program Director Michelle’s extraordinary ability to negotiate down payments for residual medical bill grants.

It’s important for you to know the impact your support has on the lives of young adult cancer survivors. It’s just as important for them to know that you care — that they are not alone in the struggle to survive and move forward after the devastating financial impact of cancer treatment. Here’s a  snapshot of our grant payouts to date, and we’re not done yet! Approaching 50% of the distribution of 2013 grants, we’re still in our favorite time of year and wanted to share the update with our SAMFund community.

Seeing this chart undeniably uplifting, but it’s easy to forget just how much “a little” means. Certainly, when we share the impact of a donation amount on our donate page, one can equate $50 to a gym membership for one month. After all, the message is right there in black and white, right?

But how do you put a dollar amount on the relief of pressure, the lessening of anxiety, or the gift of hope to a young adult survivor who was overwhelmed by the financial impact of their cancer journey. How do you explain the feeling of empowerment a young adult survivor feels when at last, there is a burden that can be crossed off the list?
Short answer, we can’t explain that sentiment – and we can’t put a dollar amount on it because it’s priceless. But our grant recipients can explain it, ever so heartfelt, through the notes they send to The SAMFund – ultimately meant for you, our supporters.

We are proud to share their messages:

Words can’t express my gratitude and excitement. This has been the hardest experience of my life and this has given me such a lift. You are the most amazing group of people. I am so grateful, I am just in tears. Thank you for helping all of us. This is the happiest I’ve felt in so long.
Kate H. Grant recipient of a computer and alternative healing sessions. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you…a very, very, BIG thank you… from the bottom of my heart. Times have been so demanding and difficult and getting the news that I was receiving a SAMFund grant was like winning the jackpot (especially this time of year). I am honored to be part of this wonderful organization and humbled at the generosity that has been bestowed on me. This award will take some major pressure off for the next 4 months. I am feeling very blessed!
Roxanne N. Grant recipient of four months of car payments.

Thank you! I can’t believe this is happening for me! I would love to give my thanks and share what a difference The SAMFund makes for us survivors. I can actually sleep tonight without a pit of nerves in my stomach!
Marisa C. Grant recipient of three months rent.


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