Meet Our Board: Barry Seigerman

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Welcome to the latest installment of our “Meet the Board” series! Today we are proud to introduce you to Barry, who has been on our Board since The SAMFund’s earliest days. We’re grateful for his expertise, sense of humor and no-nonsense attitude and we’re lucky to have him on Board and as a Holiday Campaign SAMFundraiser! Here’s why he serves as a Trustee:

How long have you served on the Board of The SAMFund?

I’ve been on the Board of Directors since the inception of The SAMFund, nearly ten years ago.

There are more than 1.2 million charities in the country.  What attracted you to The SAMFund?

What attracted me to The SAMFund was, first and foremost, my niece Samantha.  Samantha’s deep commitment to helping this underserved segment of the cancer community move ahead with their lives is what keeps me active and involved.

What does your background bring to your role?

What I bring to the Board is the sum of my experience in building and running a business, plus years of Board of Director & Trustee level service in public, private and not-for-profit organizations.

What are the biggest challenges you see facing young adult survivors today?

In today’s economy the biggest challenges for young adult survivors are definitely financial:  health insurance premiums and co-pays, repayment of student loans and residual medical payments, and all the expenses incurred in their attempts to live independently.

How is The SAMFund growing to address these challenges and what makes you excited to be a part of it?

We have been increasing our fundraising efforts and awarding more grants every year: $900,000 in financial assistance to hundreds of young adults from all across the country.   We will be launching new online campaigns to reach many more donors and supporters.  We have also grown from a local organization to a national one and our past grant recipients are now participating in our fundraising efforts,  truly paying it forward.

What impact do you think The SAMFund has in the cancer community today?

We are definitely unique in our ability to provide nationwide financial resources and assistance to young adult survivors who have finished active treatment, regardless of their cancer diagnosis. The SAMFund impact on a young adult survivor is always significant. We are seeing our alumni go back to school, get married, move forward their careers, and achieve many other goals. It’s affirming to hear each and every success story.



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