The SAMFund Holiday Campaign is Underway!

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SAMFund Holiday Campaign 2012

Help us make 2013 an even brighter year for young adult cancer survivors!
Donate to our Holiday Campaign!

More than 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer each year. Saddled with thousands of dollars in medical bills while facing an empty bank account and few, if any, organizations to turn to for help, more young adults than ever are coming to The SAMFund for support. With your help, we’ve been a “first responder” since 2005, awarding $900,000 to YAs across 48 states. Your commitment to the YA community made this possible. Your dedication to spreading the word about the need will transform the possibility of brighter futures for YAs into reality.

Thank you for believing in our collective ability to make life easier for young adults who have been through the devastation of cancer and are determined to keep moving forward. Thank you for helping them pursue their goals and for reminding them that they are not alone.

We’re so proud of our SAMFund Family alumni, who have joined together to pay it forward for other young adult survivors. Forming nationwide groups as part of our Alumni Leadership Council (ALC), SAMFundraisers have created three teams to help our holiday campaign be the most successful ever!

Alumni leader Amelia describes why: “I have a clear memory of feeling like I was drowning post treatment… I wish I could find a word to describe that feeling of hope, the immense weight that suddenly lifts off your shoulders when you get that magical call from The SAMFund offering to help you in a tangible way, where and when you need it most. That ability to breathe a little easier knowing there are people who believe in you and your ability to move forward with your post treatment life, in the most successful way possible, is a gift I wish I could give to every survivor struggling to follow in my footsteps. ”

Join our holiday campaign by contributing to an ALC team!

We are grateful for whatever contribution you are able to make this holiday season. On behalf of our entire young adult community, we thank you for being part of The SAMFund and for making the new year a bright one for young adult survivors across the country.

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