The SAMFund Grant application will be available in June of 2014.

The SAMFund Grants:

The SAMFund proudly provides financial assistance to young adults aged 21-39 as they move forward with their lives after cancer. With our support, survivors are empowered to achieve their educational, professional and personal goals. Since 2005, we have awarded $1,100,000 to recipients across the country. Congratulations to our Class of 2013 grant recipients. Click here to read the stories of SAMFund alumni.

Grants provided by The SAMFund cover a wide range of post-treatment financial needs, including (but not limited to): current and residual medical bills, car and health insurance premiums, rent, utilities, tuition and loans, family-building expenses, gym memberships and transportation costs.

**Please note that The SAMFund is no longer awarding scholarships for undergraduate tuition. However, undergrads are welcome to apply for grants for other expenses (e.g., medical bills, school books, computers, etc). If you are looking for assistance with undergrad tuition, please view and download our resource list here:

The SAMFund Application Process:

Applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 39, residents of the United States, and either finished with treatment and free of cancer, one year following the completion of planned therapy, or in remission on maintenance therapy. Our two-part application process begins in June each year. Anyone interested in applying must first submit Part I of the application. After a review period, selected applicants will then be invited to submit Part II. Those applicants will be notified in November as to whether they have received a grant. For any other information, please email grants AT

How to Apply:

The link to the application will be posted on our website beginning in June 2014.

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