Alumni Testimonials

Over the past 15 years, we’ve welcomed over 700 young adult survivors to our Samfund family. Here are just a few examples of what our grants mean to them, and why we do what we do.

OrtegaC“Last year ended great and it will continue to  be great thanks to The Samfund.   I now have the peace of mind knowing my car is up to par and won’t leave me stranded at any moment because I was able to get some much needed maintenance done.  I also don’t have to worry about appointment and prescription co-payments or even being able to buy groceries.  I’m stretching what I received from The Samfund as much as I can.  I’ve even noticed that I have found my smile again and laughter automatically seems to follow. It’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely laughed they way I do now.  THANKS The Samfund!!!”
– Cynthia, 2015 grant recipient, CA


Michael Stolfi (4)“I remember well the day I received a call that we would be the recipient of a Samfund grant.  I actually cried when we got the call.  At no point during my experience with cancer had I shed any tears, but this was special and provided financial relief at a time that we were considering scaling back on my brain scans against medical advice in order to prevent further debt.

Five years after my diagnosis, our family found our way back on our feet. I continue to get my scans every few months and they have been cancer free. We even managed to focus our resources and buy our first home! And best of all, as I type this I am glancing at my newborn son who we welcomed into the world just a few days ago.  Thank you, Samfund, for providing one of the stepping stones to a healthy and happy life. ”
– Michael, 2014 grant recipient, OR

Neolla 1“This journey that I was placed on was easier to tackle because I knew that I was not alone. It’s hard enough going through all of the emotions at diagnosis and then being rushed into chemo, but when you are finished with treatment and all the bills that cancer left behind you can sink to an all new low. My children and I are so thankful to The Samfund for helping us stay in our home and have healthy food to eat until I returned to work.
– Neolla, 2015 grant recipient, MI


Michelle Brown“I cried tears of joy when I got the call saying that my student loans were being paid off. It was the best news I’ve heard since being told I was in remission 4 years ago. My monthly student loan payment was always a reminder that I had to withdraw from my second year in school after my diagnosis with Hodgkins Lymphoma. The Samfund played a major part in helping me get back on my feet again and I aspire to help ‘pay it forward’ in the future.”
– Michelle, 2015 grant recipient, OR


laurenbBefore moving to Minnesota my social worker connected me with The Samfund. My financial stresses were building! Receipt of the grant alleviated this stress and has allowed me to focus on establishing care in MN and building my strength. Connecting with the community has also lessened the sense of isolation that comes with cancer diagnoses. So, thank you! My gratitude to The Samfund is endless.”
– Lauren, 2015 grant recipient, MN


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