Team Samfund


"I see lots of people at races running for different causes and thought that if people at The Samfund can be so kind to me when I am in need, I should return the favor any way I know how." -  James, Team Samfund member 

Team Samfund is a team of supporters and alumni participating in upcoming races, walks, swims or other athletic competitions, while committing to raise funds for young adult survivors across the country. Whether you're a runner, walker, or just looking to be more active in 2018, we invite you to join Team Samfund! By joining, you will not only contribute to your own health and wellness, but you will also raise awareness and funds that will help young adult survivors recover from the financial impact of cancer treatment. Win-win!

Interested in joining Team Samfund? Please fill out this short form or email Sam. You can participate in whatever walk/run you'd like. If you need help finding a race, you can check out this list of races by state.


Frequently Asked Questions