Financial Guidance

American Cancer Society: Understanding Financial and Legal Matters
Find out about things you can do to protect yourself and your family, both legally and financially. Learn about laws that protect your rights and professionals who can help you navigate the legal and financial systems.

Cancer Care Financial Resource Guide
A financial guide about taking control of your finances through financial assistance programs as well as help from your community and advocacy organizations.

Cancer.Net provides resources to learn about managing the cost of cancer care. It also provides an informational section on life after treatment.

Fifth Season Financial
Fifth Season Financial partners with patients facing advanced stage cancer in order to help with their financial situation. The Funds for Living and Giving (FLAG) program is designed to provide immediate financial assistance to people looking to regain financial control during an advanced cancer diagnosis. The program allows Fifth Season to lend funds using an existing life insurance policy as collateral. In some instances, they can lend as much as 60 percent of the policy’s death benefit.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) provides guidelines for patients for a number of cancer diagnosis’ including a booklet specific to the care of the AYA patient. NCCN also provides a list of resources to learn about reimbursement help and services available.

National Foundation for Transplants
The National Foundation for Transplants offers hope and help to patients and their families by providing fundraising expertise and advocacy, as well as limited grant opportunities.

The Simple Dollar’s Debt Payoff Calculator
The Simple Dollar is a financial wellness blog that hosts a resource list for debt payoff apps and calculators, as well as tools information about managing and reducing your debt.