The Samfund Grant Application (Part I)

Complete your application below. If this is your first time applying, start by clicking "Sign Up" and follow the system prompts. Remember, the deadline to submit your completed application is Thursday, July 13 at 5pm EDT. Make sure to send your clinician the required Medical History Verification Form as soon as possible. You can save your progress by clicking "Save draft" when needed. Once you have answered every question in a section, click the blue "Save" button. Once you've completed and click "Save" in each of the four sections of the application, you must click the green "Submit" button.
After you submit, you will receive an email confirmation. The Samfund will immediately review all submitted applications for completeness. If we discover an error or issue we will contact you via email, unsubmit your application, allow you to correct the error, and you must re-submit your application. Please make sure that even after you receive a submission confirmation email, you continue to look for possible emails from The Samfund. Please email us at with any questions you may have and good luck with your application!

Please note, if you are experiencing an issue that erases your email address and password when you click "Log In," and you are using Safari as your web browser, please follow these steps. Click Privacy >Cookies and website data and make sure that it's set to "Always Allow" for this website. Alternatively, you can log in from a different browser. Please email us if you have issues like this or any other kind.