The Samfund is not accepting applications at this time.


Our next grant cycle will open in June 2016 - please check back then.

The Samfund proudly provides financial assistance to young adults as they regain momentum in their lives after cancer. Since 2005, we have awarded over $1,500,000 to recipients across the country.

Grants provided cover a wide range of post-treatment financial needs including (but not limited to):

  • health insurance premiums
  • rent/mortgage assistance
  • car payments, insurance, or repairs
  • continuing education and loans
  • family-building expenses
  • gym memberships
  • mental health expenses

We no longer award scholarships for undergraduate tuition. However, undergrads who meet the eligibility requirements (below) are welcome to apply for grants for other expenses (e.g., medical bills, school books, computers, etc). If you are looking for assistance with undergrad tuition, please view our Undergraduate Tuition Assistance resources.

Am I Eligible?

Our eligibility requirements have changed slightly. Please see the list below and feel free to contact us at with any questions.
Young adult cancer survivors are considered eligible candidates when the following criteria are met:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 39 at the time of application
  • Residents of the United States
  • And ONE of the following:
    • Completed planned treatment with no evidence of disease
    • One year following the completion of planned therapy with stable disease
    • On long-term hormonal therapy (such as Tamoxifen for breast cancer survivors) or on long-term targeted therapy (such as Gleevec or Herceptin)

Good candidates:

  • Can demonstrate they have financial need as a direct result of their cancer experience
  • Have needs that are immediate
  • Lack resources/other sources of support

Please note: if you were awarded a grant in Fall 2015, you must wait until June 2016 to reapply.

How Do I Apply?

Please check back here in June 2016 for more information.


We fully respect and uphold the privacy of each applicant. All information gathered through grant applications is kept secure and confidential.

If you would like to be notified about grant deadlines and about other grant and scholarship opportunities, please join our mailing list and select, "Grants" when prompted.

For questions or more information, please email us at