Common Application Questions

This following is a list of common questions we receive during the grant application cycle. Note that most are also answered in the Frequently Asked Questions document. (Spanish version)

Do I need to be finished with active treatment and free of cancer, *and* at least one year post the completion of planned therapy, *and* in remission on maintenance therapy to apply?

No, your eligibility to apply is based on meeting one of these requirements, not all of them.

How can I make my application as strong as possible?

Make sure you explain how your financial need as related directly to your cancer experience. Unfortunately, the economy has impacted many individuals negatively. However, financial issues related primarily to the economic downturn fall outside the scope of The SAMFund application requirements. Your financial need must be a direct result of your cancer journey.

Do you want to see my parents’ financial information if I am a dependent?

No, please do not include your parents’ financial information.

Can I add information to my application after I have submitted it?

No, you cannot edit or add information to your application after you click “Submit my application.”  It is important to start your application early and be aware of the Friday, July 19th at 5pm EST deadline for Part I. It is just as important to take your time in completing the application. While you are working, you can move back and forth between sections and log out when necessary to finish at a later date. Once you submit the application however, the information cannot be changed.

Does The SAMFund provide grants for cars? 

While applicants can request assistance with auto repair, auto insurance, or funding for public transportation, we do not provide grants for the purchase of vehicles.