Board of Trustees

Steve Bandrowczak

Steve Bandrowczak
As our first Chairman of the Board, Steve brings 30 years of experience and demonstrated success as a leader in the highly competitive and results driven IT world. He is the president and chief operations officer for Xerox Corporation, responsible for developing and executing a global operations strategy in Xerox’s business support functions. His background in driving business transformation inspires and challenges us to think strategically on how to best serve young adult cancer survivors.  Steve was introduced to Sam’s story by a colleague and so began his long time support of The Samfund.  Since joining the Board, he has helped us forge many partnerships and alliances, at both the corporate and individual employee level.



Jeffrey Cooper
Jeff joined the Board in 2011, bringing with him 35 years of experience as an attorney in New York City. A cancer survivor himself, Jeff began his involvement with The Samfund by generously offering his law firm’s conference room for our quarterly Board meetings. After meeting Sam he was inspired by the work of The Samfund and, soon after, he was invited to join the Board. Jeff’s considerable expertise in the field of Corporate Governance has helped us with our growth strategy. He chairs our Governance/Nominating Committee.  



Cynthia Eisenstein
Cynthia spent most of her career as a Certified Occupational Health RN in Employee Health Service and Nurse Practitioner at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.  Her background has been in Adult Lymphoma. To The Samfund Board, she brings both professional expertise and personal compassion, as Sam’s caregiver and advocate during her years of cancer treatment.  She has a special interest in survivorship and is honored to participate in the mission of The Samfund.


Glenn Eisenstein
As a full-time bridge teacher/player for the past 25 years, Glenn has been fortunate to come across many philanthropic individuals and families who have embraced The Samfund. Their support, in so many forms, has been of tremendous importance to him and to us. Glenn’s passion “is in continuing to support my daughter’s dream, the one she had years ago when she started this. From the day Sam told me she had found what she wanted to do with her life, I’ve been determined to help make sure it happens. She made lemonade out of the lemons that she was given. I just want to help set up the lemonade stand.”


Vic Feldman
Vic has always been an entrepreneur, with an interest in and passion for advancing the health and education of young people. He came to The Samfund Board with a personal tie to young adult cancer, having been a longtime friend of Sam and her family. With 15 years in clothing manufacturing and 36 years in the securities industry, Vic also brings professional skills and knowledge in a range of areas, and currently chairs our Nominating Sub-Committee. In addition to The Samfund, he has been a strong supporter of children’s health, education and housing in his Chicago community.


lex-headshotLex Friedman

Lex is the Chief Revenue Officer for ART19, the enterprise hosting and podcast advertising leader. Previously, Lex worked as a product director at MySpace (acquired by News Corp), co-founded a diet tracking startup called The Daily Plate (acquired by Demand Media), and worked as the senior director of product at Demand (which IPO’d). Lex also worked as a senior writer at Macworld, and is the author of four books. He is a longtime supporter of The Samfund and was named The Samfund’s Volunteer of the Decade in 2014. He joined the Board in 2016.



Morley Goldberg
Morley is passionate about helping people who find themselves in unforeseen life situations. He feels strongly that he can make a difference to those that have the inner strength and determination to get their desired life back. Morley owns and runs an investment advisory firm, and has 45 years of experience in Finance and Investment Management. Since becoming a Trustee in 2006, Morley has contributed his significant expertise in finance and marketing to our efforts to grow and sustain The Samfund, ensuring continuing support for young adult cancer survivors. Morley says that being part of The Samfund excites him because it enables him to live the saying “It is better to give than to receive.”


Jasinski-HeadshotCarolyn Jasinski
Carolyn has been a champion for The Samfund since 2010 when introduced by a Samfund grant recipient. Holding a personal belief that involvement leads to investment, Carolyn jumped into service as a grant reviewer, fundraising “consultant” and Team Samfund member. Carolyn is Director of Leadership Relations at Northeastern University in Boston, overseeing a broad range of efforts including implementing programs which support communications with the Members of Corporation community, Northeastern’s larger governing board. In addition to supporting The Samfund, Carolyn currently mentors for the T.E.A.M. program, serves Emerson College’s alumni board, and has led a Global Village Habitat for Humanity build team in Zambia. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Worcester State University and a master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College. Carolyn is inspired by The Samfund family and committed to offering support and fundraising on its behalf.


Sharon Karsten
Sharon’s 35 years in the Banking and Securities industries, specializing in high asset/high income clients, gives her a wealth of understanding for the corporate world but has not dampened her entrepreneurial spirit one bit. Luckily for The Samfund, while Sharon supports other charities, she has chosen not to sit on any other Board. In addition to her active involvement as a member of The Samfund’s Executive Committee, Sharon strongly supports The House of the Good Shepherd in Chicago, a long-term shelter for abused women and their children, and the Center for Independent Futures in Evanston, which supports physically and intellectually disabled young adults. Sharon has a passion for those who struggle economically, for the disadvantaged, and especially for young adult cancer survivors.



Corey Peterson
Corey became a member of the Board of Trustees in 2014, but his connection to and involvement with The Samfund is a personal one, dating back to 2003 when The Samfund was created and his wife, Josephine, worked with Sam at another nonprofit organization. From the beginning, Corey has been a member of our Investment Committee, donating his time and expertise to help manage our investment portfolio. Corey has been in the Financial Services field for 15 years, with experience in investment management, event coordination and professional and personal contacts in three major markets: Boston, New York and Chicago. Financial planning and financial literacy for all people at all ages is what inspires Corey to serve on our Board.



Barry Seigerman
Barry has over five decades of leadership experience as a CEO and Director with both private and public companies in insurance, finance and banking. He has been actively involved with The Samfund since it was founded by his niece, Sam, and has contributed his strategic planning and organizational skills from its inception to its current level of growth and maturity today and its recognition on a national level. Over the years, Barry has actively served on several Boards of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations as a Trustee. Inspired and motivated by Sam’s vision and strength, Barry remains committed to supporting The Samfund and its mission.