Advisory Council

Each of our Advisory Council members brings a specific area of expertise to The Samfund, and all are passionate about, and committed to, helping The Samfund grow. All of our Advisory Council members volunteer their time and expertise with the support of the companies they work for. We are grateful for their involvement and dedication.

mark_advisorycouncilMark Bennett
Bayer Corporation
Director, Head of Digital Communications

Mark is responsible for developing and overseeing all digital communications and social media efforts for Bayer Corporation in the United States. This includes a coordinated and proactive social media program designed to enhance the company’s visibility, engagement and reputation in the United States. Mark serves as a special advisor on social and digital media for The Samfund. 


adam_advisorycouncilAdam Carr
Digital IT Director

Adam is an Information Technology Director leading the omni-channel digital solutions across eCommerce, Mobility and Marketing for the largest automotive parts retailer in the United States. After meeting Sam in 2014 he was all-in to help The Samfund through a national campaign at his company in partnership with its Young Employee Network. He serves as an advisor to The Samfund on strategy development. 



Patricia Graca
Digital User Experience

Patricia is passionate about the user experience. She ran an affiliate marketing business to promote organic and fair trade clothing and worked at Hewlett-Packard for over 22 years, leading eCommerce, CRM and social media teams. She became involved with The Samfund through a volunteering project for a website audit. Her work helped inform our newly redesigned website. Patricia advises The Samfund on Digital Customer Experience.



Allie Morse
Brandeis University
Assistant Director of Social Media Strategy
Allie has built Brandeis University’s social media structure from the ground up and provides consulting and training to more than 100 social media managers across the campus, particularly around digital storytelling, web accessibility and crisis communication. Her digital strategy career bloomed after her cancer diagnosis forced a pivot from a planned career in diplomacy. Developing connections to the young adult cancer world, including The Samfund, as social media was coming of age created a natural transition to a digital career. Allie is the social media strategy advisor to The Samfund.

george_advisorycouncilGeorge Padula
Modera Wealth Management, LLC.
Principal & Wealth Manager

At Modera, George advises and develops customized financial planning and investment solutions for individuals, families and non-profit organizations to meet their unique goals and objectives. He is a business owner himself and an advisor to small business owners and non-profits, including The Samfund. As a financial advisor, he has seen and can understand the financial impact that cancer can have on everyone, especially young adults. As an advisor to The Samfund, he provides insight on financial planning for individuals as well as developing organizational business strategies.


katie_advisorycouncilKatie Price
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Head of Global PMO, HP Inc. Strategic Alliance

Katie currently leads the Global Program Management Office for the HP Inc. Strategic Alliance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She has been involved in extensive campaign efforts for The Samfund through HPE’s Young Employee Network and has become an avid believer and advocate for The Samfund’s impact on the lives of young adult cancer survivors. Katie’s main advisory focus for The Samfund is strategy, growth, and corporate engagement.



Mark Rukavina
Community Catalyst Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation
Business Development Manager

Mark Rukavina is the Business Development Manager at the Community Catalyst Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, managing the consultative service offerings to assist health plans, provider groups, social services providers and others to effectively engage consumers in new models of care. Mark has more than 25 years of experience working on health policy issues. He is recognized for his policy expertise on healthcare affordability, community benefits, and community health improvement. He serves as an advisor to The Samfund on the healthcare system with respect to policy and advocacy.


Doug Woodward_webDoug Woodward
DW Advertising
Creator and Founder

Doug shoulders the business and management roles at DW by bringing laser focus to project planning and priorities. He’s also an award-winning creative with a combination of agency and corporate experience, serving small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. From helping The Samfund in its marketing and communication efforts to refreshing The Samfund logo and identity, Doug and his team are committed to the cause—and proud to be part of The Samfund team.


Yousuf Zafar
Duke University School of Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine and Public Policy

Yousuf is a medical oncologist and healthcare delivery researcher. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Public Policy at the Duke Cancer Institute and Sanford School of Public Policy. He serves as Director of the Center for Applied Cancer Health Policy at the Duke Cancer Institute. He is passionate about ways to improve care delivery for patients with cancer with a primary focus on improving the affordability of cancer treatment. He approaches this issue with both a patient-based and policy focus. Yousuf’s research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, and the CALGB Foundation. His work has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, NPR, and the Washington Post.