Meet Unmasque Award Honoree: Aura Kuperberg

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This year, at Unmasque Cancer, we will proudly present the first-ever Unmasque Awards! Last week, we featured award recipient (and Samfund alum!) Lana Clay here on our blog. Today, we are proud to introduce Dr. Aura Kuperberg, founder of Teen Impact at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, who will be honored in the Impact category for the positive difference she has made, and continues to make, in the lives of so many adolescents and young adults.

We hope you’ll join us on April 29th when she receives this well-deserved award!

Dr. Kuperberg was nominated by Valerie, who wrote: “Anyone who meets Aura right away knows she is a special person. She always has a kind word for everybody. As a former member of Teen Impact, and someone who served as a counselor at the annual retreats for the last decade and a half, Aura positively impacted my life in many ways. She not only created a place where I could fit in, but one where I could express myself, and learn to have confidence, outside of a world filled with blood tests and treatments. Later on, she invited me back to serve as a counselor, furthering my growth as an individual and allowing me to give back in a way that provided me great fulfillment. Aura is incredibly humble and is first to always give recognition to others, to the staff and volunteers that work alongside her. However, I believe she deserves some special recognition for the rippling positive contribution she has made across thousands of teens and young adults for the past 30 years.

In Dr. Kuperberg’s own words:

My dream back in 1988 was to develop a support program for adolescents with cancer. That is why it means so much to have been nominated by a former Teen Impact participant. My greatest reward from my work has been to make a difference in the lives of young people and I am deeply touched and honored to be the recipient of this very special award.

The award could not be more timely. I have been given the amazing opportunity to develop programs for young adult patients, survivors and their caregivers at AYA@USC The Adolescent and Young Adult Program USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. This award reminds me of the long-term impact a program like Teen Impact has on its young members and it inspires and energizes me to take this experience and knowledge and build programs for young adults with cancer at my new home at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

4 thoughts on “Meet Unmasque Award Honoree: Aura Kuperberg

  1. Everything Valerie said about Aura is true. For well over 30 years Aura has been passionate and relentless in her desire to help teens and young adults through the myriad of challenges they face while undergoing cancer treatments. So happy she is getting the recognition this incredibly kind, humble person deserves.

  2. Congratulations Dear Aura!
    You inspire those who know and love you with your
    Dedication to such an important cause..
    Thank you for all you do.

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