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Today we welcome Jesse Jensen to The Samfund blog for the next in our “Why I Unmasque” series. We are thrilled to announce him as our emcee for the event again this year! Early Bird tickets are only on sale until 3/10/17, so don’t miss the chance to get the discounted rate for Individual and VIP tickets: www.bit.ly/unmasque2017 Hope to see you there!

I am thrilled to be back as host for the Second Annual Unmasque Cancer Event in Los Angeles, on Saturday April 29th. This year it is at a new venue, The Mark for Events, and this time it will be a black-and-white themed masquerade benefiting The Samfund.

We have a big party with a silent auction, games, performances and a helluva good time. And this year, the first-ever Unmasque Awards – honoring those relentless warriors in the fight against cancer!

What does it all mean? For me, it means I get to help shine a light on cancer survivors, learn about them, celebrate their strength and courage, hear their stories, ALL WHILE we raise some money for Samfund grants.

Samantha Watson started The Samfund for those who have kicked cancer’s ass yet are left asking themselves…now how the hell do I pay for it all? The Samfund was started to help pick up the pieces.

This is an incredible night with eclectic and talented people. I’m incredibly honored to be back as host. See you at Unmasque 2017! I look forward to hearing your stories and the reasons why YOU Unmasque! #UnmasqueandUnite

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