A New Grasp on Life

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IMG_9705Today for #MovingForwardMonday we have a guest blog post by Samfund alum Hailey. Hailey talks about finding a purpose and happiness through yoga, and how support from The Samfund and those in her life helped get her there. 

I am an 11 year survivor of AML and almost 11 years post bone marrow transplant. I have been fortunate enough to have found The Samfund and in 2006, received a scholarship to help me pay to go back to school. I earned my second degree – this time as a surgical technologist. However, about a year ago, I felt the negativity of certain areas of my job getting to be too much.

I started going to yoga classes at a new studio in town and I was instantly hooked. I felt immediately refreshed after practice and the staff treated me like family. I belonged there! I decided I would take a leap and go to yoga teacher training – with the support of my husband and parents, I left for teacher training for three weeks in Mexico. It was long hours, hard work and ultimately transforming. There were ten other women whom I got to know very well and bonded with on a level that is hard to describe. I shared my experience with cancer with them and they shared their struggles and journeys in their lives with me.


I returned home with a new grasp on my life. I always knew I was in charge of my attitude, my actions and my health, but I really felt this put me in control. Of course, without the help of The Samfund, my husband, parents, family, friends, I would not be writing this. It is an incredible feeling to have people that love you support your dreams. However, this is something I have to work on every single day – they call it “daily sweeping.” I was fortunate enough to begin teaching at the studio – thanks to an amazing boss and person I can now call my friend. I teach about seven classes a week and still work at the hospital a few days a week – it’s a positive experience now when I step into both of my “workplaces” – I know I am evolving and I am proud to keep moving forward.

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