Team Samfund Takes on Falmouth Road Race

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Meet the all-female team running The New Balance Falmouth Road Race representing The Samfund on August 21st. They will be joining over 11,000 runners in Woods Hole to make the 7 mile run.  This is our first year having Team Samfund participate in this local event and we are beyond excited! Read below to find out why these ladies are joining Team Samfund and raising money for young adult cancer survivors, and please consider contributing to their efforts. Every dollar will help change a life.

team samfund
“I chose to run for Team Samfund because I do not believe the cost of cancer treatment should further burden young adults and prevent them from pursuing their dreams.”
– Katie



Heidi Groger“With each donation we can help young adults focus on getting better, rather than worrying about treatment debt, losing their housing, or fertility. I believe that stress is detrimental to recovery and it is my mission to help as many young adults fighting cancer as I can.”
– Heidi
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“I run for Team Samfund because I’ve had family members going through cancer treatment and want to advocate for those struggling with cancer’s financial burden. Survivors shouldn’t have to worry about going bankrupt or losing their homes because of treatment costs.”
– Heather

Visit Heather’s fundraising page!

“I have seen how debilitating cancer can be to a person’s mind, body, and soul. I chose to run for Team Samfund because young adult cancer patients should not have to worry about the cost of their health care impacting their ability to pay rent or buy basic necessities like groceries. Please join me in supporting this exceptional organization!”

Visit Tina’s fundraising page!


This year we’ve had 18 individuals commit to running for Team Samfund, and together they have raised over $8,000 in 2016, enough to keep eight young adult cancer survivors in their homes, and they are just getting started. Imagine what we could do with YOUR help! Want to join the team or learn more? Visit our website here or email

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