2015 Jeremy Hill Memorial Grant

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We recently shared with you an update from this fall’s recipients of the Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award, and today we’re excited to share an update from Erin, who received one of the 2015 awards in memory of Jeremy Hill, one of our longtime supporters and friends.  Jeremy was a beloved Samfund Board member who passed away in 2012 at the age of 43 after a prolonged battle with melanoma, and The Samfund is proud to honor him with a perpetual grant in his name, awarded annually. We’re so grateful to Jeremy’s friends, family and colleagues for helping us to establish this award  and proud to share Erin’s story with you all.



“My grant has allowed me to breathe. I think that most people think once all the surgeries, chemo and radiation is done that’s it and you’re done, but debt is so emotionally consuming. My real fight started after all those things when the bills started rolling in. No one should feel like they have to put a price on their life, but when it boils down to it that’s how it feels. The options are to pay and have all the life-saving options or do nothing.

Right now we pay over $500 a month in just medical debt and the grant paid off one loan saving us $160 a month. Some might not see that as much of a win but we’re beyond thrilled with any help we’ve received. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted just having that $160 a month back in our pockets. ”


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