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Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) survivors often need redefine, postpone, or miss out on many of the typical young adult life experiences – things like going to college, starting a family, or building a career. Similarly, AYA survivors encounter issues unique to facing cancer that many peers don’t have to – such as dealing with infertility, medical debt, job loss, or bankruptcy.  The SAMFund’s free “Moving Forward With Your Financial Health” Webinar series is designed to give the AYA community the information and resources necessary to overcome these challenges so that they can get back on track.

Next up? “Don’t Drown in Medical Debt” : Thursday, August 20 at 3pm EDT

You know that feeling in your stomach that you get each time a medical bill shows up or the phone rings with a collections agency on the other end? Medical debt can have wide-ranging consequences that negatively impact your credit and your future.

If you are behind on payments for your treatment or want help planning on how to avoid falling behind, join us for this Webinar with Monica Bryant, Esq. Monica is COO at Triage Cancer, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals navigate cancer survivorship issues. In this Webinar, Monica will share strategies to:

–       avoid medical debt before you find yourself in over your head

–       reduce medical debt once it starts to add up

–       shift and prioritize your regular expenses

You’ll also learn more about resources to help negotiate medical bills, how credit-counseling agencies can be helpful, and why self-advocacy is such an important part of recovering from debt. Register here!

This Webinar is part of The SAMFund’s “Moving Forward With Your Financial Health” series. To view past Webinars, please visit www.youtube.com/samfundtv.

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