Updates from our 2014 Jeremy Hill Memorial Award recipients

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We recently shared with you an update from last year’s recipient of the Dr. William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award, and today we’re excited to share two updates from Lisette and Joshua, who received the 2014 awards in memory of Jeremy Hill. It is especially meaningful as both are survivors of melanoma. We’re so grateful to Jeremy’s friends, family and colleagues for helping us to establish this award  and proud to share Lisette and Josh’s stories with you all.

Lisette Murphy- blog

Lisette M.

“As a melanoma survivor, two years now out of treatment, and a first-time grant recipient, I have been truly overwhelmed by the profound generosity and sense of service from SAMFund supporters. I learned of The SAMFund while I was in active treatment and held the knowledge of its support with me, carrying me through until remission. Now, the grant from The SAMFund is helping me blossom into post-cancer life.


Joshua Snow-blog

Joshua S.

“I was diagnosed in 2009 with melanoma in the scalp with metastatic disease in my neck lymph nodes. I was given a 50% chance of living, as the stage of my disease was stage 4. I was diagnosed again in 2013 with metastatic disease found in my left lung. Treatments that I received included surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. I have never been through anything so difficult in my life, especially when I had to leave home for ten days every two weeks for chemotherapy..

I am so appreciative to be a recipient of the Jeremy Hill Memorial Award. When cancer becomes a part of your life, it not only affects you as a person; it also affects your mate, children, daily life routine, finances, and attitude. Despite how unfair this felt to me, as I was only 20 years old when I was first diagnosed, I always kept my faith with a positive attitude, and kept following the treatment guidelines that were recommended. I know God would not allow me to go through this without good reason. I have been blessed in many ways by God since my journey has begun. We have been so grateful for this award as it has given us the opportunity to pay several financial obligations that accumulated during my treatment time. I feel less stressed as the sole provider of my home and five children, that I can finally breathe once again and not incur so much stress.”

We are so honored to grant The Jeremy Hill Memorial Award to these two amazing young adults, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

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