Survivorship! Healthy Eating on a Budget

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We are thrilled to have a guest blog post from our friend Arielle J Fierman, a Board Certified Health Coach at Arielle is an expert on “healthifying” recipes and promoting wellness as a lifestyle. She leads nutrition lectures, cooking classes and supermarket tours around New York City, full of kale and quinoa, and free of diets and deprivation. She was most recently featured on NBC – Today in New York. Her recipes are creative, her food is delicious, and her tips on Facebook will leave you shouting, “I love me!” After we read her ideas on Healthy Eating on a Budget, we said, “We love it and you!” Enjoy.

Myth: Eating healthy is expensive!

Truth:  If you shop smart and you spend your money on food that tastes good AND heals you at the same time, food can actually become one of your medicines (and not so expensive after all). Food creates your blood, and your blood creates your cells, your organs, your tissues, your lifestyle, your thoughts and your happiness. Yes, good quality food is an investment, but so is medicine and so is your health, so eat up and eat well!

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#dddddd” textColor=”#772299″]1[/dropcap4] Fresh is best. Buy your vegetables fresh from the produce aisle (the packaged pre-washed salads and pre-cut vegetables and fruit are way more expensive. They’re charging you for the labor!). So, save your bucks and wash and cut yourself.

  • Right when you get home from the supermarket, wash your red pepper or kale right away, slice it up or rip up the leaves and put it into a Tupperware container or bowl. Time for dinner or want a snack? It’s all ready for you to eat!
  • The more colorful the vegetable/darker the green the lettuce, the more phytonutrients = the more nutrients to fight cancer. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up the red pepper that is bright red and the kale that looks really green and alive-looking!

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#dddddd” textColor=”#772299″]2[/dropcap4] Do your body good…and do your wallet good with the Clean 15, Dirty Dozen! Eating organic foods has SO many benefits:

  • Limits unnecessary chemicals and toxins
  • Can prevent cancer
  • Boosts your health and immune system
  • Tastes better.

However, organic foods are often pricier, so especially when you’re on a budget, choose organic only for the vegetables and fruits that typically have the highest pesticide count.  Which 12 vegetables and fruit should you definitely purchase organic and which 15 can you go “conventional”? Check out this list and post it to your fridge or fold it up and put it into your wallet.

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#dddddd” textColor=”#772299″]3[/dropcap4] Drink up…water, that is! Drinking water is one of the cheapest ways to feel better fast. Water helps hydrate our muscles, bones, digestive system, and skin. It helps energize us and feeling and looking good. Very often too little is not good for your body and too much isn’t too good, either.

  • Approximately “half your body weight in ounces” is a good way to measure how much water  you need for your body. (For example, you weigh 150 lbs; drink 75 ounces of water = 9 big glasses.)
  • Save the whales, the sanitation system, and your money and forgo the plastic bottles.  Buy a pretty water bottle (one that you look forward to drinking out of and one that is “BPA-free” so it’s not made of chemicalized plastic), and fill it up everywhere and anywhere you go.
  • Add some fresh lemon slices to your water. Lemon helps increase the pH in our body making us more “alkaline”; cancer cells and illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#dddddd” textColor=”#772299″]4[/dropcap4] Cook once, eat 5 times! I know ordering in Chinese food and pizza is super easy and inexpensive, especially when you’re sharing a meal, but so is making your own breakfast, lunch and dinner yourself! On Sunday night (or a free night), make a huge batch of brown rice or quinoa (easy to make, super healthy, high in protein and fiber, tastes great) and re-purpose it for the entire week! For example, use the big batch of rice and quinoa and make:

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#dddddd” textColor=”#772299″]5[/dropcap4]  Buy in Bulk! Some of the healthiest foods are found in the bulk aisles, not to mention, that it saves you a ton of money! Read ingredients to make sure you’re not getting any additives. Some of my favorite healthy options from the bins are:

  • Lentils and split peas (make a tasty warm soup under $3)
  • Hemp seeds (super high in protein- add on top of cereal, salads, into smoothies)
  • Chia seeds (super high in protein and energy)
  • Oats (make your own oatmeal)
  • Raw nuts- almonds, walnuts
  • Pecans (make some healthy Pecan Pie Cupcake/Muffins )

Enjoy your trip to the supermarket next week and remember to chew, chew, chew your food and breathe, breathe, breathe.


Be Well,


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