A New Year Can Bring Professional Opportunity

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We’ve heard from many of the young adult survivors (YAs) in our SAMFund Family that making decisions about working during treatment, returning to work after treatment, or making a career change once in remission can be tough. A new year can bring new opportunities for YAs to “take stock” of their professional lives — whether that means taking some time off to regain strength or making plans to bring a renewed sense of determination to a current or a new job. Here are some resources to use if you’re assessing professional opportunities in 2013.

  • When discussing her job search experience, our 2008 alumni Valerie S. found that many of the key traits that appealed to her new employer stemmed directly from her cancer journey. Her ability to make decisions and be proactive while demonstrating perseverance and patience are characteristics many young adult survivors have honed during difficult times; however some may not view them as assets in the workplace. Valerie reminds us in her guest blog, “8 Lessons on Bringing Survivorship to the Workplace,” what an oversight that can be.

  • The SAMFund’s most recent Webinars focused on Cancer and the Workplace provided strategic and legal perspective on working during treatment and returning to work. Archived on our website and available 24/7, we encourage young adult survivors to use the knowledge provided by Cancer and Careers and Navigating Cancer Survivorship to help with work-related 2013 resolutions. These archives contain many information gems, including descriptions of state and federal laws that may provide protections against discrimination, understanding how to ask reasonable workplace accommodations when needed, creating a resume that addresses employment gaps, prepping for interviews, and creating an online brand.

  • A free e-book launched in November 2011 from Thrive/Survive Los Angeles is focused exclusively on young adult survivor issues. It also contains a chapter from Cancer and Careers’ Rebecca Nellis on “10 Ways to Make Balancing Survivorship and Work Easier.” Download it here.

  • The Huffington Post introduced “Generation Why” in December, a dedicated young adult survivor website that brings together bloggers with personal experience and advice across a range of YA topics. One of the most recent posts, “After Cancer, Returning to the Workplace,” discusses creating a manageable work routine.

We hope you find these resources helpful!

–The SAMFund Staff

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