Happy new year from The SAMFund!

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Yesterday, I was told that The SAMFund prevented a young woman from being evicted from her apartment.

This is just one of the amazing stories we’ve heard since notifying 92 young adults last month that they’d be receiving grants from The SAMFund. In the past six weeks, we’ve paid out a total of $62,775, including:

  • $17,924 for monthly rent/mortgage payments
  • $12,884 to help young adults get out from under medical debt
  • $8,352 for health and wellness, including gym/yoga memberships, mental health and massage therapy so that they can keep themselves healthy and strong
  • $3,108 so that survivors can maintain their much-needed health insurance coverage
  • $3,000 to help with the exorbitant costs of family-building, including IVF and adoption

…as well as student loan payments, prescription costs, car insurance premiums, computers, utilities and more. We have another $70,000 to pay out for this year’s grant recipients, and then we’ll start the process all over again!

Together, we can make 2012 a brighter year for many more young adult survivors.

With just two days left in 2011, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The SAMFund so that we can continue to help young adults recover from the financially devastating effects of cancer treatment.


If you have already made a year-end contribution to The SAMFund, THANK YOU! We are deeply grateful for your continued support. Please share this post with friends and family so that they can learn about what we do and become part of The SAMFund community too.

On behalf of everyone at The SAMFund, I want to wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy new year. Thank you for making 2011 such a spectacular year and for sharing our enthusiasm for all that lies ahead.

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